Living Photos and Cinemagraphs, take your company’s advertising to the next level in 2019!


Living photos or Cinemagraphs capture the viewers’ attention and can keep it longer than standard photos do. As humans, we are programmed to see a video or still photo. However, with living photos, the two worlds collide, causing us to stop and consider what we are actually seeing. This visual conundrum can help to hold the attention of the viewer longer, allowing your brand to stand out from the competition.

In the living photo above you can clearly see the beer swirling infinitely but the stream of beer coming from the tap is completely frozen. Your brain starts to slow down and process what you are seeing. Why is the beer not overflowing? Why is the stream of beer from the tap not moving but the beer in the glass is? In a world where you only have seconds to grab a viewers’ attention, Cinemagraphs and living photos help to engage the viewer longer than most still photos ever could. Not only do living photos make your next social media post, blog post, landing page, or website content stand out from the crowd of other businesses using only photos and videos online, Cinemagraphs can also accomplish something very important in today’s marketing environment. Living photos tend to get the point across quicker, evoke an instant emotional response from the viewer, increase click-through rates, increase engagement, and help to make your brand or clients’ brand stand out.

If you would like to learn more about living photos for your business or if you are an agency looking to have some Cinemagraphs filmed for your clients, let Reno Photographer Marcello Rostagni and the team at Marcello Rostagni Photography help you to bring your creative vision to life! Grab a cup of coffee and contact us today to add living photos and Cinemagraphs to your marketing strategy in 2019.

Reno Photographer Marcello Rostagni is an award winning nationally published photographer specializing in Advertisement, Editorial, Portrait and Living Photographs/Cinemagraphs. Marcello Rostagni Photography Studio is based in Reno, NV and serves clients in the surrounding areas, across the United States as well as throughout the world.