My thoughts as an MMA and boxing photographer in Reno, Sparks Nevada.


So watching the fights last weekend and almost anytime there is a pay per view on I came to the realization that pro MMA fights have become less and less exciting over the years.  Non professional local fights that I have been the photographer for in Reno, and Sparks always seem to have a bit more excitement when the bell rings.  Now maybe that’s because I am ring side as the photographer and have one of the best seats in the house.  I also understand that top level professional fighters are so skilled or evenly matched that less mistakes are made leading to less knock outs and less submissions.  Personally I don’t really think the fighters are at fault for some of the less exciting pro fights recently.  They train for years to get in the ring and give everything they have for the win.  I take my hat off to all the men and women that have the heart and courage to be today’s modern gladiators.

What I really think needs to be changed in MMA fights today is how the fights are scored.  Fighting in my opinion isn’t just about who lands the most punches, kicks, takedowns, submission attempts or who controls the ring/cage.  I think if the different fight organizations got rid of the 3 round system for non title fights and made it 1 round for say 15 mins and for the title fights 1 round for 25 minutes we would see some pretty incredible fights without jeopardizing the safety of the fighters.  What are your thoughts?   What would you change if it was up to you?  Would you keep it the same?  I respect everyone’s opinion and humbly offer mine on the subject.



I remain a huge fan of  the UFC® and look forward to the next pay per view!