Photograph of my new bike from Black Rock Bicycles in Reno!!!!!!


I needed a new bike this year for Burning Man as my old mountain bike just wasn’t going to make it another year.  I figured I got 4 good years out  of the tiger striped mountain bike out on the playa but it was time to get something a bit more Black Rock friendly.  I set out searching for the perfect bike and trailer set up so I could take my photography studio on the go this year at Burning Man!  The Universe was definitely smiling on me when I searched around for the best bike shop in Reno, leading me to Curtis at Black Rock Bicycles.  Curtis is one of the nicest and most knowledge people I have met in any sales and service environment.  The whole team as a matter of fact was extremely friendly and it was fun just hanging around the shop and checking out all of the awesome bikes they rent and have for sale!  If you have never been to their store I highly recommend you take a trip.  They are located at 7875 North Virginia, Unit B, Reno, NV 89506 or give Curtis a call at 775-972-3336!

So here is a quick photo I took of my new 3G Puck Cruiser and trailer for you guys to see!  Other than some hokey spokes, I have yet to really decorate it for the playa.  So stay tuned as you see the transformation of my new cruiser and portable playa photography studio!





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