Tips for Better Glamour Photography


Glamour photography has reached new heights in popularity in the photography world and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite styles to shoot. Whether the purpose of the images is for commercial use or simply to add to your portfolio, there are some ways in which you can ensure that the shots you take are the best. I have listed six tips for ensuring that your glamour photography sessions are productive, and that the images you capture are beautiful.

Glamour Photography Reno

Reno photographer Marcello Rostagni takes his Glamour Photography outdoors with this shoot among the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Prepare and Execute Glamour Photography

  • Modeling Poses – This is perhaps the most important element of a glamour shoot. If you’re working with professional models, this likely won’t be such a major concern; however, if you’re working with models who are not as experienced, you will need to explain the basic poses. This can be done by educating the models on the poses you are trying to achieve and providing guidance and feedback throughout the session. The more helpful you are, the more at ease the model will become.
  • Lighting – Lighting is perhaps one of the most important elements of glamour photography. There are many different lighting options to choose from when shooting glamour photography; the important thing to keep in mind is the subject and the setting of the shots you will be taking. This will ensure that your shots are not washed out or too dark, lighting can have a huge impact on your glamour photos, take the time to ensure you have done it right.
Reno Glamour Photography

Creative poses and fashion sense combine for a great glamour photography session.

  • Make It Unique – Choosing the proper location to shoot your glamour photography will ensure that your shots are unique and interesting. To determine the proper setting for your shots, you should take into consideration the theme and model you are working with. Choosing the wrong setting or backdrop for your photos may cause you to end up with images you and your client are not pleased with.
  • Keep It Together – When shooting glamour photography, it is extremely important that all of your elements complement each other. As the photographer, you should ensure that the setting, makeup, and clothing all complement each other. This will ensure that your image is more cohesive and appealing to the eye.
Photography Reno Beauty & Glamour

Beauty and Glamour photos are not always done in the studio, and beauty can mean different things to many people. Finding your model’s comfort zone is extremely important during these shoots.

  • Natural Light – Not all glamour photography sessions have to be conducted in the studio. If you choose the proper setting, and are familiar with the times of day when the light is best, you will be able to take advantage of the beauty that natural light provides. Some of the most appealing and unique shots are taken using natural light.
  • Editing – The majority of your glamour photographs will require some type of editing. The important thing to remember is to not go overboard. You should do as little editing as possible to ensure that you achieve your desired look.

Glamour Photography in Reno

Glamour Photography has long been one of my favorite styles to shoot and there are a large number of people seeking out photography services in the Reno area. Contact Marcello Rostagni Photography to find out more about our glamour shoots in studio settings and outdoor venues.

Studio Boudoir Photography Reno

Experimenting with artificial and natural light can create amazing glamour and boudoir photographs.