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As a Reno, NV professional photographer I am always excited when a client calls me and want’s to shoot up in Lake Tahoe.  Dr. Chris got in touch with me back in August and let me know that he was in the process of writing a new book about nutrition, physical fitness, and a overall healthy lifestyle.  He was also in the process of building a brand new website as well, and needed a portrait and advertisement photographer.  As soon as Dr. Chris said he wanted me to take some fitness photography of him at Lake Tahoe  and some fitness photography of him in the studio, I knew this was going to be an epic photo shoot.   When the day of the photo shoot finally arrived my good friend Adil and I headed up to beautiful North Lake Tahoe to meet up with Dr. Chris.  The moment I saw Dr. Chris I knew he was shredded and in perfect shape for his photo shoot.  He had done is part dieting, training, and preparing for this shoot for weeks.  Now it was my turn to do my part and deliver quality fitness and portrait photography for him.

We shot for hours getting all types of great photographs of Dr. Chris hitting different poses around the lake.  As the sun started to fall in the sky, it was time to head to our final location to get the lighting set up so I could make sure to capture my envisioned  photograph.  Before we could do that though we had quite a hike ahead of us.  If you have ever tried to hike down a steep grade with no real path and over 80lbs of photography equipment then you know the challenge that faced us.  Thankfully my friend Adil a extremely talented Landscape photographer and I were able to get down the hill with all the gear,  and get the lights/Reflector set up just in time for me to make some incredible Lake Tahoe portraits of Dr. Chris.  Here is an example of one of the shots.  Stay tuned for more photos from this shoot, as well as some more fitness photos and headshots from the photography studio in Reno!


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