Reno, NV Photographer Marcello Rostagni photographs fitness portraits of Lake Tahoe bodybuilder.


As a Reno, NV Photographer I really enjoy getting the opportunity to help bodybuilders, MMA fighters, and other elite athletes build their personal photography portfolios.  I recently was contacted by an elite bodybuilder, Chris, to photograph him prior to his bodybuilding show in Las Vegas.  Chris arranged it with a local gym owner in Reno, NV so I could take some fitness portraits of him while he was working out.  As a Reno, NV Photographer I have had the great fortune to work with several bodybuilders from Northern Nevada, creating stunning photographs of them.  I was more than excited when Chris from Lake Tahoe called and gave me the opportunity to do the same for him.  We started off photographing some fitness portraits of Chris simply holding the dumbbells.  Right away I could see that Chris was shredded and he had worked very hard dieting and training for this show.  Chris worked his way through the rest of his workout; hitting incline dumbbells, dumbbell shoulder press, dumbbell lat pulls, dumbbell side laterals, cable cross over for chest, and finished up with some pull ups.  After hitting all these exercises Chris had achieved a world class pump, displaying  his extreme vascularity and show ready symmetry for the photo shoot in a short amount of time.  Now that his training was complete we headed over to the other side of the Reno, NV gym and began photographing some artistic fitness portraits of him.  Tasha, another amazing bodybuilder and female fitness athlete,  jumped into a few of the photos with Chris to make for some very sexy  photographs.  Here are a few photos from our Reno portrait session!

Reno, NV Photographer


Reno Photographer

Reno, NV Photographer


Reno, NV Photographer


I hope you enjoy these photos from our Reno, NV portrait session !  If your are interested in booking me as your photographer please email me or give me a call today!!!!!


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