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Photographing Legends from the Motorcycle World….


It’s not everyday you get to photograph two living legends from the motorcycle community! Especially when one of the people is someone you have looked up to for many years. I have been a big fan of his since before the hit show on HBO “OZ” that made him even more famous. As a fellow martial artist his book and life story spoke to me giving me even greater respect for him as a man. If that wasn’t lucky enough I got to photograph a legend in the world of motorcycle building, his bikes have been featured in Easy Rider magazine more times than I can keep count of, as well as he was featured on the hit Discovery show “Biker Build Off” just to name a couple of his long list of achievements. I have tremendous amounts of respect for both of these men….stay tuned for some of the photos…….and a huge Thank you to my friend that made it all possible!